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    1. ABOUT US


      ABOUT US

      Handan Xurui Alloy Material Co., Ltd.

      Handan Xurui Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise approved by the state to engage in the research and development, manufacturing and sales (including import and export trade) of new metal and non-metallic materials and their production equipment and environmental protection equipment. It specializes in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of metal (alloy) water and water vapor combined atomization, vacuum and non-vacuum atomization pulverization (granulation) equipment, centrifugal atomization pulverization (granulation) equipment, clean powder manufacturing equipment, induction melting electric furnace, vacuum melting electric furnace, intermediate frequency heat permeable furnace, vacuum strip (sheet) equipment, and has unique advantages.

      Have perfect equipment and professional team

      The company has strong technical strength, rich manufacturing experience, advanced testing, inspection, and manufacturing equipment/facilities, and long-term cooperation with well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutes, strong comprehensive capabilities, not only complete equipment specifications and practical, but also can develop and manufacture non-standard equipment according to customer requirements, which can meet the needs of various powder manufacturers and scientific research and teaching units.

      In recent years, we have deepened our cooperation with the outside world, continuously optimized and innovated internally, expanded into subdivided fields, developed a large number of new equipment, and enriched product types. The indicators of high-end products have reached relevant international standards, and we have also gained a place in the military and aerospace fields. The products are also sold to Taiwan, Iran, South Korea, Japan and other places.

      To provide customers with professional products and services

      The company's products are widely used in materials, metallurgy, catalysts, casting, forging, heat treatment and other industries or fields. The product performance is reliable, the equipment is stable, the operation is easy, the maintenance is convenient, energy saving and power saving, high work efficiency, and it is trusted by users.At present, our customers are almost all over major domestic provinces, regions and large and medium-sized cities, and they also account for a large proportion of universities and scientific research institutes.

      We adhere to the concept of ”leading quality“ and achieve the goal of ”truth-seeking and innovation". We sincerely look forward to your visit. We will use our rich experience, strong technical strength, humanized design, and perfect after-sales service to meet your needs!


      To provide you with quality products and services